About Us

Mission Statement - The mission of the Kansas City Police CARE Team is to provide non-judgmental caring to active and retired department members, their families, and friends in times of personal, family, and career crises.

"The CARE Team continues to grow and as we grow, we are able to help more and more people. With this growth, I feel that it is a great experience and very fulfilling to be able to help those who need us." ~ Retired Major Anthony Ell

  • The Badge

  • It is polished and shiny and looks so fine.
  • Once you earn it you have to tow the line
  • The minute you wear it upon your chest
  • It becomes a symbol that you are the best.
  • It means honesty, integrity and fairness to all.
  • Your life is never your own, but at the public's call.
  • Night or day, any hour, it makes you a mark
  • It doesn't protect you from a shot in the dark
  • Over the years the shine starts to fade,
  • But brighter still is the man it's made.
  • It is often what separates you from the crowd.
  • It is a second family of which you are proud.
  • — Author unknown

8th Annual CARE Team Holiday Mart

Were Back so SAVE THE DATE!

KCPD CARE Team Holiday Mart October 30, 2021 KCPD Academy 6885 NE Pleasant Valley Rd

You can follow the KCPD CARE Team Holiday Mart on Facebook (@KCPDCARETeam) and Twitter (KCPD CARE Team)

The Holiday Mart will be held October 30, 2021

20th Annual CARE Team Golf Tournament

May 3, 2021
Shoal Creek Golf Course